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EyeCons are many things such as:

~Eye Shadow~
~Eye Liner~
~Nail Polish~
~Body/Face Paint~
~& Metallic Powder Bindis~ (that can be used over and over again!)

Eyecons (shapes/bindis), are delicate laser-cut acrylic stamps designed for cosmetic application.

Eyecon colors are natural mineral pigment-powders (Micas, UltraMarines & Oxides)

With plain mica that creates the beautiful glittery Eyecons effect.

(Some pigments are treated with CosmeticGrade Glitter. These are being phased out)

Eyecon fixmix liquid “fixes” the Eyecons design to skin
Regular application
(remove with regular make-up remover) or
Sweat-proof application (remove with soap & water – lots of it)

Good for Stage or extended Dancing, Hooping, and other extreme fun.

Very compatible with Henna Design!! Behold:


enhance HENNA with EyeCons Pigments

Hand on your left is enhanced with these pigments - Snow Pearl on the leaves - Pixie Purple

on the center of the eye surrounded by Wisteria and dots of Silver.

Hand in the center has BlackStar Blue surrounding the eye.

Hand on your right is using Snow Pearl and Zombie Green


Also good for everyday wear as in Eye Shadow/Liner, Lipstick, Blush &Nail Polish!

Eyecons (shapes/bindis) can be used over and over again in many different combinations – your imagination is the only limit!

Dancer tested.  Burning Man tested. Office (casual use) approved!



A few ways to wear EyeCons!

The Ankle Cuff done with EyeCons of FireStar, Sun and Large Moon and the colors of Silver and BlackStar Blue


2 The EyeCons Wrist Bracelet done “sweat proof” using the FireStar and Pi with the color Silver.

3The Eye shadow/liner usage of the colors; 24k Gold under brow, Ruby as highlight, Emerald Isle on the lid and BlackStar Blue as liner.  EyeCons used are Small Star, Large Moon and Small Moon; in the Silver color.